Monday, January 1, 2018


Green Eggs and Ham Collage
In case you missed some of my earlier posts and you're looking for something to do on this cold January 1st day why not take some time to view some of the collages I made over the last two years in my archived posts. 

ALL of my collages except Green Eggs and Ham are for sale. My RECYCLED STORIES are one-of-a-kind and are made from a single damaged book. I detail my "process" in my first RECYCLED STORIES Blog post origin of my recycled stories. 

I have been making collages for many years but only recently decided to share. 2017 was the year I took my first step in sharing my work on this BLOG and by participating in a POP UP MUSEUM at Westerly Public Library where I shared my collage of The Rainbow Fish. The participants were gracious with their compliments. I have been making different types of collages for many years but only recently decided to share my picture book collages. The books I have shared on this site are generally well known and I used them in my own classroom. I thought I knew everything about them but in the process of making the collages I find out so many more interesting things about the story and the illustrations that further reinforces my belief that picture books are for every age. I hope when you view one of my collages it will inspire you to read and re-read the books with someone you love. Happy New Year.

The Rainbow Fish Collage

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