Friday, September 22, 2017


As an educator and library media specialist, I have seen my fair share of books that have broken spines, torn pages, ones that have become the dreaded "coloring book" or my all time favorite - "nacho libro!" My beloved Luis brought back his book quite literally dipped in cheese from cover to cover. I thought I took a picture of "nacho libro" but as I post I can not find it. Should I find it, I promise to update this post. But I digress as this post is about what has brought me to recycle stories. I felt there just had to be something I could do to save some of the books that were being returned unreadable and turning books into a collage as a Recycled Story was born. I haven't posted any of the collages yet...they will be here soon! To make a Recycled Story these are the Three Rules I follow.

  1. The book must not be readable as a book anymore; binding cracked, pages loose, a few pages may have writing on them or it could be an overly loved paper back with a tattered cover.
  2. I must be able to retell the story - the essential elements.
  3. I ONLY use one book per collage, but I allow myself to use other items such as paper, cloth, ribbon or other materials as appropriate to the design.
The book below was actually "recycled!" The pages were stuck together and could not be separated after completely drying out for two weeks. I have collected a fair number of books over the years that qualify to become my collages, but I also go to tag sales or library book sales to find candidates for my artwork.

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